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    Here Ye, Here Ye – Time is Running Out to Claim your Fire Fee Discount.

    You did hear about the city of Savannah’s new Fire Fee?

    If you are a property owner in the Historic District or anywhere else in the city of Savannah, you will have a new Fire Fee due in September for 2018.  Whether it’s your primary residence, rental, or supplemental property, you have an opportunity to receive a discount.  However, time is running out – so let’s get you the info you need today.

    Just a little back-story first.  The Savannah City Council passed a Fire Fee in December 2017 — it’s meant to spread more equitably the burden of  cost of the 15 fire stations to provide protection and services to the city of Savannah versus an added ad valorem tax.  How you might ask? Well the tax exempt properties will also be made to help pay the Fire Fee as well, and there’s 5,866 properties that are tax exempt.

    The fee is not based on the value of your property – it’s based on the amount of risk and whether it’s a single family residence or commercial.  A single family residence fee for 2018 is $256.  A multiple family or commercial property is assessed based on the size and the risk.  Check out the calculation method here.

    So, it’s going into effect for 2018 – and the good news is you can get a discount if you reduce your property’s risk by having fire/smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a written fire evacuation plan.  You can get up to a maximum of 20% discount.

    Once you fill out your application, you can make an appointment for the Fire Department to come out for a quick visit to your property.  They will check to make sure your fire/smoke detection devices are in working order, that you have a fire extinguisher on hand, and for an extra 5% off, a written fire evacuation plan for a total of 20% off your fee.

    There is a hard deadline to apply for your discount, June 1st.  If you miss it, you will have to wait until next year to apply for your 2019 discount. Go check out your Fire Fee discount opportunities today –  Fire Fee Discount Program.

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